How to get more fans for your brand in the Social Networks?

How to get more fans for your brand in the Social Networks?

In a previous post we covered the importance of offering relevant content to our fans through the Social Networks (read more here). Very recently a study carried out by Elogia and IAB Spain sheds more light into why consumers start following a brand in the Social Networks in the first place and, even more important, what makes them continue being fans of that brand.

It appears to be the case for 64% of the respondents that a consumer decides to become a fan because she already likes the brand and wants to stay informed. As a second reason, 36% of the respondents state that it was necessary to become a fan in order to participate in a contest. Finally, a friend’s referral influences 23% of the respondents.

When it comes to remaining a fan of the brand in the Social media, relevant and interesting offers and promotions are key for 55% of the respondents, followed closely by publication of other interesting content (48%). Only 11% states following a brand as a way to interact with it and 7% use Social networks as a channel to contact Client service.

You can find the complete study here (in Spanish).

Getting more visibility and achieving a bigger fan base through the Social networks becomes increasingly challenging for the brands but the above conclusions provide some insight that helps take the right course and publish relevant content depending on the brand’s business and its target consumer.

NoKadi app also promotes the brand’s Social media presence in Facebook (used by 96% of the respondents) and Twitter (used by 46% of the respondents) thanks to the feature that links the brand’s page/profile with the user and thus contributes in achieving higher visibility of the brand’s activity in those Social Networks.