New light on consumer behavior around loyalty cards

New light on consumer behavior around loyalty cards

NoKadi® research has revealed interesting patterns of consumer behavior and reasoning when it comes to loyalty programs, their use and their relevance for the consumer. Our respondents declared:

  • 81% possess loyalty cards
  • On average each one holds 7.3 rewards cards
  • The most common category across loyalty card holders are supermarkets, followed at a distance by airlines and apparel
  • Exclusive offers and discounts are by far the top reason to sign up for a loyalty program, followed by “having priority over non-members”
  • Almost half of the times (44%) they would need to show their loyalty card, the consumers have forgotten it
  • 55% would welcome signing up for more loyalty programs as long as it doesn’t mean more plastic cards in their wallet

NoKadi® can increase the frequency of use of the loyalty cards by 51% thanks to its practical and convenient digital, loyalty solution, that permits all loyalty cards to be digitalized and stored in the Smartphone.


The respondents found in NoKadi® app a real answer to their needs!