The Geosocial Universe is now ...3.0

The Geosocial Universe is now …3.0

The Geosocial Universe 3.0 is available and reflects, in its usual, cool and self-explanatory way, the current picture of the social platforms used around the globe.

Significant increases in number of users can be seen with respect to twitter (158%), Gmail (120%), LinkedIn (100%) and Facebook (68%) having surpassed the 1 billion user threshold.

Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ have all gained momentum although they are characterized by different mobile usage percentages (100%, 53% and 50% respectively).


GeosocialUniverse february 2013


To complement this insightful infographic you’ll find a snapshot of the major social platforms as percentage of their integration in the www universe, meaning how integrated they are with the top 10.000 websites.

Facebook is integrated in almost 50% of the top sample websites with twitter lagging behind but very closely. LinkedIn still has a long way to go, from the current 3.9% but as its user base is growing fast, as seen above, we could be expecting a significant change in the near future.

The Social Integrated platforms - 2013

The Social Integrated platforms – 2013