The NoKadi® app is getting fine-tuned and ready for launch

The NoKadi® app is getting fine-tuned and ready for launch

Whether you are a Small-Medium sized company or a large corporation with a long history in successful marketing activities and fully rolled out loyalty programs put the NoKadi® application in your radar!

Consumers are troubled by the number of loyalty cards they need to carry in their wallet if they want to keep accumulating points, discounts, miles, etc. Our research reveals that 64% of the loyalty card holders primarily sign up for loyalty schemes in order to get exclusive offers and discounts. The problem is that together with all those plastic loyalty cards, on average 8 per consumer, we would need to add at least a few credit cards to be fair and realistic.

So, if we put ourselves in our consumers’ position, we would easily understand the reason of their frustration.

  • Too many cards need to fit inside a regular size wallet that needs to fit inside a regular size purse
  • More and more companies initiate rewards programs making the consumer face the dilemma of signing up, not knowing where to store the card, or skipping signing up alltogether
  • When the loyalty card is left at home, the consumer doesn’t get neither the points from the purchase nor the discounts
  • Even if she carries all the loyalty cards, it is a mess to find the right one at the cash register
  • It seems rather old fashioned to carry so much plastic in a wallet

NoKadi® has designed a user friendly application that replaces all the plastic loyalty cards by digitizing them and storing them in the Smartphone.

78% of our respondents declared NoKadi® as a practical and convenient application that solves their problem and increases the frequency of use of the loyalty cards by 51%!

For business owners, NoKadi® provides a valuable, intuitive web-based platform to directly communicate with the consumers in real time through their Smartphone.The NoKadi® Loyalty Intelligence Management Online platform facilitates the management of the loyalty program through a personal and secure web based account. Launching marketing activities  and obtaining statistics and results reports have never been easier or more flexible. Loyalty goes mobile! Your consumers are expecting it!